St. Mark's Episcopal Church

A warm and welcoming Episcopal church for all seeking community on their spiritual journey.


A Welcome from Our Former Rector, John Balicki

Rev. John Balicki

Former Rector Rev. John Balicki

Let’s Begin Something Together!

I invite you to begin something new with us, whether you are looking for a church home, or maybe just want to give organized religion another try. Let me tell you about the Episcopal Church and St. Mark’s and then I’ll let you decide if it’s the place for you.

One of my seminary professors used to say that “My God is a big God and my Church is a big Church”, meaning that there is a lot of room for everyone. It is my opinion that many branches of organized religion try to make the Church a smaller place. “We will love you, but only if you’re like this”.


The Episcopal Church is a “big Church”. We welcome people of all races, ages, genders, orientations, shapes, and sizes. We adhere to the ancient Christian creeds but leave room for theological discussion about them. We have few other dogmas or rules. We try to answer the call to live a life of love but leave it to each person’s conscience how that applies at any given time. We are mainly a church of worship. We are guided by the practices of the earliest Church who came to know the risen Lord in the scriptures and the breaking of the bread. Our worship is fairly structured but we leave room for some humor and spontaneity.

The people of St. Mark’s are folks who gather not only from Waterville itself but from many of the communities surrounding it. We are a people who love good music and sermons that make you think. We are a people who care for each other, especially when illness or crisis strikes. There is always room for you here.


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