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9-11-22 Sermon, Proper19, The Joy of Finding What is Lost, by Art Kingdon

Proper8 C 22, 6/26/22, The homelessness of Jesus by Bill Blaine-Wallace

proper7 22 6/19/22, Who is the real Jesus? by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Easter5 22 5/15/22, Slow down, turn around, reflect, breathe deeper, by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Easter4 C 22 5/8/22, Prayer as life together in solidarity, by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Easter3 2022 5/1/22, Reach out. Grab hold. Take a hand. Give a hand, by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Easter C 22 4/17/22, Resurrection is more than an event. It is a way of life, by Bill Blaine-Wallace

MaundyThursday 22 Church is the crippled beggar, by Bill Blaine-Wallace

PassionSunday C 22 4/10/22, Violating a moral principle to attain a better one, by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Lent5 C 2022 4/3/22,  Joining Mary at the feet of Jesus, by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Lent3 22 3/20/22, Who has sewn a thread of hope across your heart? by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Mar 13 sermon 3/13/22, May we have the grace to follow the Spirit, by Dan Warren

Lent1 22 3/6/22, Jesus’ Desert Spirituality-Attentiveness and Indifference by Bill Blaine-Wallace
Postlude by BirdTalker

epiph7C 22 2/20/22, Loving one’s enemy is the DNA of our hope by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Eiph6 C 22 2/13/22, Community that offers a glimpse of the reign of Heaven by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Epiph5 C 22 2/6/22, Don’t be afraid. Go catch some people by Bill Blaine-Wallace

ASafePlace 1/30/22, May we all find a safe place at the table by Dan Warren

Epiph3 22 1/23/22, What must we do to reorient ourselves to the heart of God? by Bill Blaine-Wallace

StMarksEpiph2 22 1/16/22, Signs that point to the reign of Heaven by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Epiphany1 22 1/9/22, Epiphany, I see you! I’m here! by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Christmas2 21 1/2/22, Second Sunday of Christmas, Of the Father’s love begotten, ere the worlds began to be, by Bill Blaine-Wallace

ChristmasDayReflection21: 12/25/21, Christmas Day, What do the angels know that we do not? by Bill Blaine-Wallace

christmaseve21: 12/24/21 – Christmas Eve, The Night Shift Shepherds by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Advent4 C 21: 12/19/21 – The Fourth Sunday of Advent, Words are sacramental, so, be careful with words by Bill Blaine-Wallace

Advent3C 2021: 12/12/21 – The Third Sunday of Advent, Facing What is Real Opens the Heart by Bill Blaine-Wallace.

Advent2C 21: 12/5/21 – The Second Sunday of Advent, People get ready, there’s a train a-comin’ by Bill Blaine-Wallace.

10-17-21 BBW: The 21st Sunday after Pentecost, Bartimaeus shouts his way to Jesus. A sermon by Bill Blaine-Wallace

  • Sermon 062721-1: The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost, “A Fork in the Road”. Final sermon by Rev. John Balicki
  • Sermon 050221: The Fifth Sunday of Easter, “Bearing Fruit” a Sermon by Rev. John Balicki
  • Sermon 042521: The Fourth Sunday of Easter, “Telling the Good News”, a Sermon by Rev. John Balicki
  • Sermon 041821: The Third Sunday of Easter, “Food for the Soul” a Sermon by Rev. John Balicki
  • Sermon 04 11 21: The Second Sunday of Easter, “One Heart and Soul” a Sermon by Rev. John Balicki
  • Sermon 4-04-21: Easter Sunday “Are You the Gardener?” A Sermon by Rev. John Balicki
  • Sermon 03-28-2021: Passion Sunday “The Greatest Story Rarely Told” A Sermon by Rev. John Balicki
  • Sermon 03-14-2021: The Fourth Sunday in Lent “Coronaversary” A Sermon by Rev. John Balicki

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