St. Mark's Episcopal Church

A warm and welcoming Episcopal church for all seeking community on their spiritual journey.


A Welcome from Our Interim Rector, The Rev. Bill Blaine-Wallace

Welcome to St. Mark’s website! We are glad you are a virtual visitor.

Virtual St. Mark’s is like my cellphone camera. I snap a photo of something that I’ve found to be beautiful, like the view from the pinnacle of the Burnt head trail on Monhegan Island. Yet, I quickly look at it and there is a difference; good but not the same.

Let me say a few things about St. Mark’s to round out our very good and two-dimensional website.

St. Mark’s cares. We care for each and all, wherever one is on her/his journey. We make spaces for sharing and enriching the givenness of life-the-way-it-really-is through learning experiences for all ages.

St. Mark’s is inclusive. All are welcome. We are young, old, white, brown, black, LGBTQ, sufficient of means, struggling to get by, well and not so well, more liberal than conservative, yet curious and respectful of each person’s manner of faith and spirituality.

St. Mark’s worships well. We strive to create a “time out of time” in each of the different worship experiences we offer. By that I mean that we bring our lives the way they really are into prayerful, beautiful, joyful, meditative, soul-searching, at times quiet, engaging liturgies. We seek to transpose wristwatch, linear time into God’s time, the best of time. We are well-known for the quality of our musical offerings.

St. Mark’s serves. We strive to keep pace with the heart of God’s deep and enduring passion for the world near and far and for all who inhabit it. And we are committed to caring for a creation in peril.

St. Mark’s stewards connection. We attend to the “space between” us, making time and ways to nurture our life together in ways that tears and laughter, and everything in between, are received, honored, held, accompanied, and celebrated.

Perhaps these commitments and values give you a good sense of what’s behind the curtain.

Please know we’d love to have you get to know us. Consider a visit. We will try to answer questions you have about our life together and how you may more fully experience it.

Gratefully yours,
The Rev. Bill Blaine-Wallace


St. Mark's Episcopal Church | A member of The Episcopal Diocese of Maine, The Episcopal Church, and the Worldwide Anglican Communion