St. Mark's Episcopal Church

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Our Pipe Organ

Our pipe organ was installed at St. Mark’s when the church was built in 1977. The original organ was built circa 1905 by the Votteler-Hettche Company, and until 1977 was located in New Haven, Indiana, at the New Haven Church of Christ. In 1977 it was purchased by St. Mark’s Church in Waterville and tonally revised by the Stuart Organ Company of Springfield, MA. The manual encompasses 61 notes; there is a straight and flat pedalboard. The casework is original. Several modifications were made over the years.

Our organ

Our organ

In 2010, the instrument, under the experienced hands of the Andover Organ Company, was refurbished and enhanced. Our organ was featured in the Andover Organ Company’s 2010 Newsletter, where they note: “Our main goal was to expand the instrument’s tonal pallet. To accomplish this we replaced one stop and added three new stops, plus a preparation for a fourth.” The result is a delight to the ears of all.

The pipe organ is played during services at our church, for weddings and funerals, and also at organ concerts made available to the community.

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